Thursday, September 23, 2010

Blog Absence - Will She Lose Fans and Friends?

My goal of blogging weekly is slipping.

Reasons? Sure. Back issues have me consorting with Brother Pain. My mother's fall and broken hip today, on her 85th birthday, 3000 miles away, have me consulting Sister Worry and Auntie Helplessness. The need to keep working at the day job from home, while standing (with Brother Pain sitting on my shoulder), brings me mail from Uncle Stress. And the lack of focus on my fiction writing has Cousin Wistful emailing constantly. I'm even going to have to miss the long-awaited Gun Workshop on Saturday : a day-long event for crime writers at the Worcester Gun Club where we'll (alas 'they'll') learn to identify and shoot firearms.

But! All the advice says blogs must be kept fresh. We must keep our fans and readers (and friends and relatives) continually stimulated and motivated about the "brand" we're creating. The brand being [TRUMPET SOUNDS] Edith Maxwell, Author of Mysteries.

Well, that's fine in the best of worlds. Right now, dearest readers? I might not be around for another little bit. And I think the world's going to survive just fine. My so-called brand will, too. We're given long lives so we can do many things in them, right? I think that includes time for not doing quite as much, too.

But do check back within the week. You never know.


  1. oh no! hope your back- and your mom's hip- both heal up soon! don't worry, your fans will definitely still be here when you get back... that's the beauty of RSS feeds! hang in there, Edith.

  2. Brands are overrated anyway, don't worry about it Mommy. As you know, there are some things in life much, MUCH more important than blogs n' brands. Plus, when you do get back in the swing of things, you will have all sorts of readers eagerly awaiting your words of wit and wisdom.

  3. Thanks, Elizabeth and JD. Just got to keep remembering to take the long view.