Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Local Speaking Gig

So excited. Just got asked to speak on a panel of fellow authors with short stories in this year's Level Best Books anthology, Thin Ice.

Why so excited? It's a short walk away in downtown Ipswich, Massachusetts, my fair city (okay, town) on December 2, just a few weeks after the anthology is published. We'll be speaking at the Book Nook at River's Edge on Market Street. Right down the hill from here.

Oh, wait - that means I'd better get business cards done up. Lots of them. And what else? Polish the pitch about the book. Be ready to talk about Ipswich as character. Find an outfit? No, got that covered. And I already set up an Author page as Edith M. Maxwell on Facebook, on the recommendation of our local social networking guru, JA Hennrikus, writer (look for her on facebook). Stop on by.

Exciting it is, though. Details to follow for those of you who want to make a visit to the North Shore on a dark December evening. I just might throw a little party at my house afterwards. Any takers?


  1. Congratulations mom! now the book nook, what is that and where is it?

  2. Thanks, Allan. River's Edge gift shop has a book corner. So that must be the Book Nook. I didn't know they had book events. Maybe they are just beginning them.

  3. The Book Nook at River's Edge is an expanding concern. Located inside River's Edge Fine Gifts & Home Accents, we have mostly concentrated on local books and local authors. With the addition of a full time assistant manager/book buyer, we have added best sellers, classics, and other great 'must-have' books. In early 2011, "The Book Nook" will expand even more!

  4. Oh, and we've had many events over the years: Andrew Borsari, Sam Sherman, Joe Garland, Alan Pearsall. A few years back, we had an "Author's Night" that featured 16 local authors!

  5. Thanks, Paul. I'm a relative newcomer to town (3+ years), so I'm glad to have the record set straight. Meg's been very welcoming, and I look forward to meeting you. I'll be down tomorrow morning to get Sam's (signed) book and a massage, to boot.