Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Story Ideas

Short story ideas rattling around:
  • Ice fishing. Suppose a couple was arguing in their ice-fishing shack. What if one stuffs the other down the fishing hole. Is it big enough? Would the body migrate away from the site?
  • Polyamory. The Boston Globe had an article about followers of this practice: having intimate relationships with more than one person. Suppose a couple had married with the agreement to follow this, then one became dissatisfied with it. What if she kills him (how?) and leaves the body in a snowstorm so it isn't discovered until spring?
  • The body in the server room. Oh -- that one I finished and submitted to a contest. Stand by!
  • The high-powered female corporate titan and her three greedy sons. This one brainstormed by Allan on our way home from Montreal last weekend. On the model of King Lear but modernized and gender reversed.
  • Snowmobile patrol finds a body. Possibly involving a border crossing. Another family brainstorm. Can you tell we were driving through snowy winter scenes? We even filled up with gas Friday after dark at a tiny gas station near the border where all other pumps were being utilized by snowmobiles. Two cats sat in the lit windows of the mini-mart. Intriguing scene almost pleading to be written about.
Other ideas out there you'd like to contribute? Bring them on!


  1. I like the snowmobile scene. Probably should add drugs in the saddlebags. I hate snowmobiles BTW!

  2. Which one makes your heart skip a beat? Or - better yet - which one gives you a game-changer midpoint scene? Or EVEN BETTER, sets up some spectacular twists for the emd?

    Uh oh. Not helping. :( Never mind.

    Bottom line, I guess - Go for the one that makes your gut tingle.

  3. A Polyamory group meets at the Diesel Cafe where I often write. Come have coffee if you want to do research. (My assessment, most of those people are lucky the have ONE person who wants to sleep with them.)

    Love the Lear idea--though it sounds like a big idea for a short story.

  4. A desperate man on the run from the law breaks into the home of an upper class family with an Autistic Savant child. The boy offers a unique and challenging perspective on the man's situation and the choices he now must make.

  5. Thanks everybody. Nice idea, Tim - but is that your book? Barb, I might take you up on that research opportunity! Ed, I hate them too. I like the advice, Rhonda.