Friday, May 20, 2011

Murderous Weather

Yes, I know one is not supposed to start a book with the weather. But really, the non-spring we're having in Massachusetts this year? It truly affects mood, and for those on the edge, it might just push them over. Murder could be around the corner. This kind of motivation makes a writer just rub her hands in eager anticipation of getting that story down on paper.

How bad has it been? How bad can it be, you (you from Tucson, you from Bamako, you from other desert areas of the world) ask?

We have WINTER here. And we had a rough winter. Lots of snow. Lots of bad driving conditions. The one thing that makes it worth living through is the fabled New England spring. It usually rains some, and then the world pops forth in green. The snow drops, the crocuses, the tulips, the daffodils bring us riots of color and new growth. The trees pop out, the lawns green up. With some sunshine, it's heaven here May.

Usually. This year we have had rain, mist, fog, drizzle, and more rain almost every day this month. We're molding up. Seedlings are rotting in the pot. Worst of all, we're in a BAD MOOD. Grrr. Tempers, starved for sun after the long winter, are tetchy, edgy, ready to explode.

Mama Nature? You're testing us way beyond our limits. I would not be surprised to read a crop of overcast-induced murder stories in anthologies across the region as soon as the next publishing cycle comes around.

What about you? Tempted to write a murder-by-dampness story? What kind of murder would best suit this awful weather?


  1. My favorite murders took place in fog, mist & drizzle. Nothing better than curling up with a good mystery and a nice cup of tea when it dark & stormy.

  2. If it helps, Mama Nature seems equally annoyed at Ohio. I want to murder that perky little twit giving the Weather report.