Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Murderer Among Us

My fellow author Marilyn Levinson guest posts today. Thanks, Marilyn!

Edith, it’s a pleasure to be here, visiting with you on your blog, Speaking of Mystery. I’m happy to talk about my new book, A MURDERER AMONG US, that’s just come out with Wings ePress. It’s available as an ebook and will be out soon as a POD paperback.

Lydia Krause, my sleuth in A MURDERER AMONG US, has moved to Twin Lakes, an upscale retirement community on Long Island, to start a new life. Lydia’s appalled when her neighbor introduces her to the community’s financial advisor, a man Lydia knows is a convicted embezzler and responsible for having driven her sister to suicide. She exposes the man in public and exchanges heated words with his wife, who is discovered the following morning, mowed down by Lydia’s Lexus. Suddenly, Lydia is Suspect Number One. Employing the many skills she’s honed as CEO of her own company, Lydia undertakes an investigation to prove her innocence.

In many ways, A MURDERER AMONG US is a book about new beginnings. Though still mourning her husband’s death, Lydia finds herself drawn to Detective Sol Molina and the possibility of a new romance. Her relationship with her grown daughters takes unexpected turns. Lydia’s forced to confront one daughter’s old resentments and her extramarital affair. And, for the first time in many years, Lydia now has the time to nurture friendships with other women.

I am a great believer in new beginnings. While I’ve written books for children and young adults for many years, A MURDERER AMONG US is my debut mystery and a new beginning for me. I look forward to writing many more mysteries.

Marilyn Levinson

(Marilyn's book is available at and will soon be available at and, and available as a POD paperback)


  1. Lovely, Marilyn. I am a great believer in new beginnings, as well.


  2. How wonderful that you've written a book about someone in a retirement community. It's new and different and I can't wait to buy it. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for posting, Marilyn, and thanks Mim, Avery, and Patricia for stopping by. I, too, can't wait to read the book. And Avery, see the just previous post for even more new beginnings!


  4. I think I'm going to love this portrayal of people of a certain age! Sounds great, Marilyn.