Friday, July 15, 2011

Clamming Research: Part Two

New bit of knowledge. After a rain, Massachusetts state law mandates closing clam flats for several days because of toxic runoff, including e-coli bacteria. So this morning's dawn excursion to the flats was canceled.

But I was ready! I paid my thirty dollars and obtained my residential recreational license. The nice woman at Town Hall gave me a blurry map of the various flats in town, and the number to call to see if they are open. She also handed me a plastic ring. Any clam I keep has to be larger than that.

The librarian found me two how-to books on clamming. Very useful.

The local hardware store informed me that clam forks cost about $50. I'll stick with borrowing Elizabeth's for now.

All I need now is a few days of dry weather and an available dawn to head down there.

In the meantime, I can set up clamming date in my plot that is canceled because of rain. Who knows what will happen on that dawn instead?

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