Monday, December 5, 2011

Publication Date!

Trestle Press says Speaking of Murder will release for Kindle, Nook, and other ebook formats on December 21 of this year. I'm excited about this, and am scrambling to think of marketing opportunities.

Bookmarks. Business cards. Guest posts on other people's blogs. Scheduling readings at bookstores and libr
aries. Contacting linguists and video editors who might be interested in how I used those fields to help Lauren Rousseau solve the crime. Of course, keeping up with tweeting and facebooking news of the release. And all that while trying to keep writing, holding down the day job, and, oh yes, celebrating Christmas.

Some of it I can postpone. For example, I'm not going to order bookmarks until I have an ISBN number and a web address where people can order the ebook version. I'm not going to do in-person readings until the book is out in p
rint (the publisher says 60 days after it is out digitally).

I was interviewed by Trestle Press on blog talk radio last week, and the interview is available anytime on this
archived show, which is cool.

I did sign up for Malice Domestic, the largest reader-oriented conference for the traditional and cozy mystery genre held in the Washington DC area at the end of April. With luck they'll include me as a panelist and my books will be for sale there. At the Saturday breakfast all the authors travel (in a highly orchestrated way) around the dozens of tables, pitching their books in under five minutes, handing out bookmarks or postcards, hoping to interest readers.
Can you think of other promotional activities I should be focusing on? What works for you as a writer or a reader? How do you find out about books you want to read, and what kind of marketing annoys you most?


  1. WG2E ... The Writer's Guide to ePublishing (Facebook & web) ... is full of promotional material for eBook writers. DeeDee Scott is their ringleader. Check it out. Congrats on the publishing news. Let us know when it's ready for Kindle. Good luck with Malice!!

  2. Since there are no listings on Amazon or Barnes & Noble yet, be sure to announce it wherever you can when it becomes available. You don't want potential readers like me to forget since we can't pre-order or add it to a wishlist ;-)

    Lelia Taylor

  3. Thanks, PJ.

    And thanks for the reminder, Lelia! You can bet I'll be announcing the heck out of it the minute I have a link to share.