Friday, March 23, 2012

What to Read Next?

If you happen to be at a loss for your next mystery, I have two must-reads for you, by two of our best New England writers.

I was so happy to have Redemption, another Joe Burgess mystery, to lose myself in. As usual, Kate Flora goes deep into her Maine police characters and makes us feel like we're right there at the station or in the cruiser with them. Her victims, suspects, and other characters are well fleshed out and real. Joe's developing romance with Chris takes a curious turn right in the middle of the investigation. The surprise twists keep coming in this story, yet we end up satisfied. I stayed up way too late reading, and was almost glad I came down ill the next day so I could spend the morning on the couch finishing the book.

Fire Engine Dead, the latest Museum Mystery by Sheila Connolly, is also a fabulous read. This is Sheila's third in this smart, well-crafted series about a museum director in Philadelphia. In this story, Nell Pratt uses her brains and her connections to help solve the mystery behind a fire that destroys much of the collection of another museum in the city. In the process, she gets to know a local FBI agent a bit better, as well.

I would (and do) read anything and everything by both of these talented and multi-published writers. I look forward to Kate's resuming her Thea Kozak series, and can't wait to start on Sheila's new Irish series as well as her latest in the Orchard Mysteries. I only wish I had infinite time for reading.

Have you read either of these authors? What's your favorite? Or do you have other favorite novels set in Portland, Maine, or Philadelphia?


  1. Lovely post, Edith...though I might be a bit prejudiced. But seriously, bringing out this book has really shown me how supportive sisters in crime can be.

    Of course, I'm eagerly awaiting my chance to read your new series. What a launch you will have.

  2. Thanks, "Old Fogey" - hmm, wonder who that might be? ;^)