Saturday, June 16, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy

I am so busy right now I am not making posting here a priority. I apologize, dear readers.

The bright side is that you're going to have a much better book to read next spring, when A Tine to Live, a Tine to Die comes out. I have a bookstore pub date of May 28, in fact! It will be out in hardcover and eformats at the same time. I'm working hard to polish up the prose, tie up the loose ends, ramp up the tension, ante up the stakes. It's due September 1 to the publisher.

Soon I'll get the edits back for Speaking of Murder, too, and will have a few weeks to incorporate those. You'll be able to buy that book in trade paperback on September 15 (remember, it's under the name Tace Baker) and in eformats a month later. I've hired on a publicist and we're busy scheduling readings, thinking about getting the word out, brainstorming ideas to make these books a success.

On top of all that, I have a full-time demanding job, and oh, did I mention we've sold our lovely antique house in Ipswich and have to move by August 1? Whee! Which also includes finding the next place, whether it's our landing destination in Amesbury or a temporary apartment while we find the perfect downsizer with a sunny yard on a quiet street. 

Life is good, life is full. In the meantime, I do post every couple of weeks over at the Sisters in Crime New England blog, Pen, Ink, and Crimes. I also post regularly on Facebook at and


  1. Moving and writing--hard, but not impossible! Good luck.

    1. Oh, Kaye, I have been following your move, packing and unpacking, with close attention, along with your recent successes in indie publishing AND finding an agent. I'm tired now - just wait until a month from now! But you give me hope for getting through it.

  2. wow you sold your house so fast! but then again it's adorable so who wouldn't want it! i will look forward to seeing your face in my neck of the woods this summer. you, jeanne and i have to make a date to get together. xo