Monday, March 7, 2011

Whew. Email account got hijacked last week. Spam mail went out to every person I had ever sent mail to or received mail from, apparently. Twice. Both times the message had no subject line and included a link to a hoax medical/prescription site. Fake cheap Canadian drugs, anyone?

I hope nobody clicked that link. I tried to apologize to all, near and far.

I felt dirty, like when my apartment was burglarized many years ago. Somebody was in there in my personal stuff. Icky. At least I didn't have my facebook account also hacked, as happened to many friends just a few weeks ago.

I changed my password and set up a double login system for my mail. Now when I type the password, my cell phone rings with a verification number that I type in on the spot. Only then does it let me see my Inbox. Let's hope this is successful at keeping the spammer away.

And then, of course, my thoughts turned to how I could use this in a story. Who would be the spammer? They could target just the person they wanted to harm. If anyone clicked the link, it could lead to some nefarious location or contact. How could I hook up email hacking with murder? Hmmm. Much smiling and rubbing of hands.

Can you tell I'm a silver-lining type? How would you put mail spam in a murder story?


  1. Given the sophistication of some types of spam I would use it as a red herring. I receive unsolicited mail invitations to attend property seminars. Anyone looking at my email wouldn't know if I had gone or otherwise.

  2. Great idea, Paraphan. Thanks for stopping by!