Friday, April 1, 2011

Come and Find Me

I'm continuing on my reviews of books I'm reading during my recuperation from back surgery (see Reading While Healing).

The second book I finished was Hallie Ephron's second suspense novel, Come and Find Me. Hallie is an established author of a mystery series, books on how to write, and other books on books. She reviews mystery books for the Boston Globe and is active in Sisters in Crime. I have had the good fortune to study writing under her in several venues.

Come and Find Me weaves a compelling story of hi-tech hacking, the alternate reality of 3D virtual worlds like Second Life, and emotional trauma. The protagonist, Diana Highsmith, copes with tragedy in her life by locking herself in her house and working and living through her avatar online. She has to leave this self-imposed seclusion and brave the anxiety of the r
eal world when her sister goes missing. This is a suspenseful tale that I found really hard to put down. It is based in the Boston area, which is additionally fun for those of us who live here.

Hallie's fir
st venture into suspense was Never Tell a Lie, which was made into the Lifetime Movie channel film, "And Baby Will Fall." It involves a different set of characters, but kept me fascinated and reading in the same way. The movie was well done without too much change of story. I hear Hallie liked it.

These are both works of psychological suspense from a woman's point of view. I can't recommend them enough. What's next, Hallie?

What about you? Have you read Hallie's books?
Did you see the movie?

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  1. I did, I did! Obviously... Thanks, Edith for these lovely words. I'm in a quiet week between travels--next week to Orlando Lady Lake Festival of Reading, on to the Mad Anthony writers conference in Hamilton OH, then Sunday at Mystery Lovers Bookshop in Oakmont PA, then home. But it's ok - this book is fun to talk about.