Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Power Play by Joseph Finder

Next up in my recuperation reading was Joseph Finder's Power Play. I picked this up at Crime Bake and convinced Mr. Finder to autograph it.

What a great read. It starts out with Jake Landry, who works for a Boeing-like company, troubleshooting a possible flaw in a jet airplane design. I read Power Play right after the roof had flown off of a Southwestern Airlines plane in flight. The topic seemed, shall we say, relevant.

The plot soon becomes much more complex. Landry is asked to accompany a group of the company's top executives to an internet- and wireless-free retreat in British Columbia. Landry's ex-girlfriend turns out to be a high-level assistant to the new female CEO. When a group of apparent hunters takes the entire group and the hotel staff hostage, Landry has to rely on experiences in his past to try to rescue them.

This is a suspenseful thriller and a super read. It's also a sensitive look into a young man's relationship, his dysfunctional family history, and some pretty rough teen years. I liked the way Finder skillfully bounced back and forth between the present and various incidents in Landry's past.

This isn't Finder's first book, nor his last. I'm glad I have almost a dozen more to read.

How about you? Are you a Finder fan?


  1. I am definitely A FINDER FAN!!

  2. Edith, I'm a big fan of Joseph Finder. He has recently started a series about Nick Heller. I'm not big on series fiction, but I do like his Nick Heller books. I hope he plans to continue writing some stand alone thrillers.

    I went to a conference just to see him. I was lucky enough to hear him speak and get an autograph. He's very generous to new writers.