Saturday, December 15, 2012

In Great Sorrow

I was stunned to read that one of adults shot dead yesterday at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, was named Lauren Rousseau. She was apparently a vibrant young teacher, devoted to her young charges, who had just landed a permanent position at the school. She had parents, a boyfriend, friends. She had baked and decorated cupcakes to take to a post-Hobbit viewing party Friday night.

That she shares the name I invented for my protagonist in Speaking of Murder is irrelevant, really, but it jumped out at me. I am filled with immense sorrow for all the victims - the young and innocent, the older and innocent, the innocent staff members who tried to save their young charges - and for their families. 

May we find a way to finally and effectively outlaw multiple-round firearms and keep them out of the hands of anyone except the most qualified police. May we find a way to help those in need of counseling, mental health therapy, love. May we never accept that innocent people should die under any conditions. This is my prayer, and this would be my protagonist's prayer, as well.

Rest in peace, real Lauren Rousseau. 


  1. I share your wishes, Edith, and this tribute to the real Lauren Rousseau. May she rest in peace and never be forgotten.

    1. Thanks, Ramona. The bravery of those teachers is inspiring. The sadness continues.